La cybersécurité est aujourd'hui au cœur des préoccupations des administrations, des entreprises et des citoyens, à juste titre.



How cybermature is your organization ? How vulnerable is your organization to cyber attacks ? What is your company cyberscore ? How does your organization rank towards its competitors regarding cybersecurity ?

A security audit and some pentests will assess and give answers to those questions

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ICT Security

ICT Security Governance states the organization security objectives and define securities policies, standards, guidelines to meet them

Often time organizations wants to build their Security governance in such a way to comply with iso27K or other standards.

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ICT Secure
Enteprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture helps efficiency and agility of your organization. ICT architecture in general is the key enabler of security policies proper implementation. Thanks to well designed and prowned ICT architecture processes your ICT deliver a more accurate support to your business while keeping all security aspect under strict control.

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Advanced Privacy
Protection Program

Leveraging our hollistic (cyber)security expertize we can offer to our more demanding customers an Advanced Privacy Protection Program consisting of processes and sophisticated tools in order to ensure that their critical information will resist to the most agressive opponents.

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